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Ecommerce Integration

easy ePayments integrates into 150+ ecommerce platforms giving you the flexibility you need to create the perfect online store. Some of the more popular ecommerce platforms include:

  • 3dCart - We are a 3dCart partner and can provide free websites.

  • BigCommerce

  • Shopify

  • Volusion

  • Wordpress

Many services companies use websites for informational purposes and aren't ecommerce capable. We are able to easily transform your existing website into a website that can accept payments.  With our payments platform you can add a customizable payment form making it easy for your customers to make payments with either an echeck or credit card. You can change fields to your needs to capture relevant information from your customers. We enhance payments for such businesses as:

  • Insurance Agencies

  • Medspa

  • Health Care | Home Care

  • CPA's | Accountants

  • Electricians

CRM Payment Integrations

SalesForce, and Zoho are popular CRMs that are utilized by many small to large businesses. Payment integrations are paramount to increasing closing ratio's for your sales force. It's harder for customers to back out of a sale after payment has been made. We help make this possible. Easily integrate our payment technology into SalesForce and Zoho with the click of a button. Once you sign up with us, integration takes 2 minutes. Literally 2 minutes!

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