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Accept Payments With Your ZOHO CRM

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

CRM also known as Customer Relationship Management is a must have to run a successful business. If you do not have a CRM, you are definitely at a disadvantage. CRM's are powerful sales tools and help to grow your business. We will review one noteworthy CRM today by the name of ZOHO.

I was first introduced to ZOHO about four years ago. Back then the platform was limited in functionality but was good enough for a sales person to organize sales leads. Fast forward four years and ZOHO is a CRM with a powerful punch.

ZOHO CRM enables any organization small or large to plan, organize, and run a business. A matter of fact we switched from Hubspot ( still a great platform) to ZOHO. Here's why:

First ZOHO easily integrates our payment processing which enables your sales reps to easily accept payments right in the CRM. Accepting Payments with Zoho is an important feature because it gives your sales team the ability to close more sales by accepting payments immediately. How many times have your sales reps got a commitment from the buyer to later lose the sale because the buyer changed there mind in the lapse of time from when your sales rep got off the phone to waiting for payment. It happens all the time. Enhancing your sales reps closing ratio through payments is powerful and ZOHO integrations enable for this to transpire.

Next, Zoho is awesome because it integrates with Ring Central voip for no additional cost. Other CRM's may charge you for this feature. ZOHO simply integrates Ring Central streamlining Zoho CRM and phone calls in one location. Call logs are generated giving your sales managers insightful knowledge enhancing performance. You will visually be able to see how productivity translates into sales.

Email marketing is made simple as well. Zoho has an easy to use template builder that enables your sales reps to quickly make relevant email flyers that increase effectiveness. Zoho also provides analytics to help determine effectiveness for a particular email campaign. Zoho easily integrates into Google Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook. So every email that is sent and received will be tracked in the system. Any email sent through Zoho automatically attached to the contact or lead the email was generated from. This is so key as it empowers your sales reps to have better conversations with prospects and customers.

Customer service is key for us and Zoho provides 24/7/365 customer service. You can make a call or chat with customer service support. In the few times I had to call, I was quickly connected with a support representative that was eager to help me.

Lastly, Zoho is very affordable. For $35 per month you get all the features listed above plus more. All in all, I believe Zoho is noteworthy and deserves a look. Of course there are other CRM's that are fantastic as well, such as SalesForce and Hubspot. We just like Zoho for the ease of use and all the cool capabilities including payment integration.

Please contact us to learn more about easy ePayments integration capabilities into your CRM.

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