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ACH and Credit Card Payment Processing for CPA firms 2020

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

As we know, the payment processing space is over loaded with competition, overwhelming CPA merchants with information. This makes it difficult for CPA firms to find the best processing solution. easy ePayments helps solve specific payment problems within the CPA | Accountant sector.

In 3 minutes watch how our platform operates. Unfortunately, 3 minutes isn't enough time to show you how powerful our platform is. Contact us for a live demo outlining all the features listed below.

What really sets us apart from the competition is the customization, features, robust reporting, and ability to streamline payment processing with a single platform that processes both ACH payments and Credit Cards. . Let’s discuss our capabilities in more detail.r

  1. Virtual Terminal – Easily accept payments over the phone or in person. The key difference with our virtual terminal versus anything on the market is the ability to add fields that are relevant to your business. Create as many custom fields needed for better reporting.

  2. Recurring Payments – In just one click add any customer to recurring payments. Also, include recurring payments to any online payment form allowing your customers to select themselves. Accepting Recurring ACH Payments or credit card payments can be enabled.

  3. Bill Pay– Pay your suppliers for free via ACH. As an added benefit we give you the capability to pay your suppliers and vendors for free. Not many payment platforms offer this feature…We do!

  4. E-invoicing – Become more efficient by sending electronic invoices aka email invoices - in a couple of clicks of the mouse easily prepare and send out invoices. No more snail mail!! This feature helps you to get paid quicker. As soon as your customer receives the invoice they will be able to pay immediately. Easily see outstanding invoices and request payments.

  5. Email Templates – This feature is a little different than E-Invoicing as it can be customized and it can be used in bulk. Meaning you can email a bulk email attached to payments. You can also use it as a recurring payment function. This is a very unique tool that can also be used for promos.

  6. Online Payment Forms – Easily add a customized payment form to any website or blog. Within 2 minutes customize a form with the fields that are relevant to you and add to website. Of course we can help you do this.

  7. Text Payments – This is the newest mode of payments in the industry and is quickly growing. Why? Because who doesn’t carry a cell phone. Easily get paid sending a simple text message attached to a custom payment form. We do not charge you a text fee to use. WOW!!

  8. CPA ACH Payments – What makes our platform head and shoulders above the competition is our capability to accept ACH payments quicker. Get same day ACH and standard 2 day deposits. Plus we offer a flat fee ACH!! 90% of our competitors charge a %. Plus you have the ability to charge a convenience fee, which mean you pay nothing.

  9. Credit Card Payments – We offer the quickest credit card deposits in the industry. With options to get paid same day or next day deposits.

  10. Surcharge | Convenience Fee Options – We provide you options to offset payment processing costs. Surcharging allows you to add a % to credit cards only. Convenience fee allows you to add a flat $ amount to credit cards and ACH.

  11. Drop Box Integration – Our platform also integrates with your Drop Box to streamline your payment efforts.

  12. Quickbooks Plugin – Easily plug into Quickbooks desktop. We are currently developing integration for quickbooks online

  13. API Integration – Do you develop or design software applications that need payments. We’ve got a solution for that as well.

Hands down, easy ePayments offers the most robust suite of payment solutions in the industry. You will not find a solution as comprehensive for the price!! Only $20 per month with no set-up fee. No contract, cancel anytime!

**ACH - .50cents per trans – NO PERCENTAGE (volume discounts available)

**Credit Card Rates - Submit a statement to get custom wholesale pricing. Easy ePayments offers Level 2 and 3 processing for B2B transactions.

Contact us to learn more by simply emailing or go to ,scroll down to the bottom and fill out the form. You can also call us at 877-772-5474 .

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