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ACH Echeck

Let me break it down in laments terms. ACH aka Automated Clearing House is interchangeably used with echeck. ACH and echecks are almost the same thing. The functions are the same but the way they transact are different. Echecks actually use the ACH network to clear funds. This gives ACH the edge since ACH is the network. This doesn't really matter to the customer that is using ACH or echeck. For the merchant there might be little difference as well. The big difference would be with clearing times. ACH tends to clear and deposit funds much quicker. Easy ePayments ACH payment platform deposits standard ACH in 2 business days with same day options available.

Now that you have some understanding, lets take a deeper dive into the technical differences. An echeck is an electronic funds transfer that ride on the ACH network rails to process a payment. Banks communicate electronically giving instruction on withdrawal of funds and/or deposits. In essence an electronic funds transfer aka EFT is the same as ACH echeck payment .

The creation of the term ACH Echeck therefore derives from ACH payment and Echeck or EFT. It's just another term that means practically the same thing.

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