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Capture the Power of Mobile Marketing

Who doesn’t have a mobile phone? Mobile phones are deeply embedded into our daily lives touching every fabric of our being. Sad but true! As a small business owner, marketer, or product manager this is good news. Mobile phones represent a fantastic marketing channel. Especially if you are B2C.

It is evident the best way to stay in front of your customer is to make sure your marketing through channels that are best suited for mobile. I’ve got 3 simple tips that reinforce this idea.

1. Social Media- As we all know social media is a fantastic platform to create and keep long lasting relationships with your customers. It costs nothing to be on social media and the rewards can be exponential. Social media is easily accessible by mobile phone and represents powerful marketing outlets. Who isn’t getting a text, tweet, Facebook message every few minutes or sooner? In 2010 nearly 82% of Americans owned a cell phone. Of the 82%, 85% of them owned a cell phone over other devices such as PC, laptop, mp3 player, game console, etc.

Most every business is found on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and etc. Most small businesses selling products and services can use some help to better market. How? Other than posting pics and share posts and ask for likes and followers, you need to be selling your services and products. Simply create a payment link within easy ePayments Virtual Terminal and add to your posts in Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

2. Text Messaging – Text messaging is performed by almost every person that owns a mobile device. Approximately 73% of adults sends or receive approximately 41.5 texts per day on average. On the other hand young adults between the ages of 18-29 represent a larger piece of the texting pie with nearly 95% using text and sending / receiving an average of 87.7 texts per day.

The above stats come from a study dating back to 2011 but I do not think the numbers have changed much. If anything the numbers are probably even greater now. The bottom line, Americans are glued to their phones. Look around and you’ll find most people are interacting in one way or another with their mobile phone.

Knowing this represents a huge opportunity for you to stay connected to your customer. You can do so respectfully without being intrusive. If anything you have more acceptability because your customer knows who you are and probably welcomes your specials via text. Of course you want to verify with them and ask if they want to be included in your weekly or monthly text marketing campaign.

The proof is in the numbers. If you utilize Text Payments you’re going to an increase in sale. easy ePayments virtual terminal enables you to send SMS Text Message which is attached to payments. Now you can send out weekly or monthly specials giving your customers the opportunity to pay instantly which increases sales for you immediately.

3. Email – Most people get email sent to their mobile phone. Email marketing is still a viable and popular way to market. Of course the rule of thumb is to make sure your customer has opted. Also give them the opportunity to easily opt out. Easily send an email special/ promo through the virtual with a pay now button.

By utilizing these 3 simple mobile marketing techniques you should capture your fair share of the pie. Not doing so could mean loss of sales. Your competitor could be eating your lunch without you even knowing it. Staying ahead of the curve will pay handsome dividends for future growth.

easy ePayments virtual terminal can help you market your services through payments. Get text payments, email payments, e-invoicing, take payments over the phone, accept echeck ach and more. Contact us to learn how we can help you to stay ahead of the curve.

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