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Create Marketing Campaigns That Pay! – A must have for Med Spas, Plastic Surgeons and Dentists

As we all know, marketing is an essential part of any business. We all see it daily - print ads, tv, social media, radio, email, text messaging, blogging, website, word of mouth and much more. We are all trying to get our message out, hoping that it turns into a direct sale. This is how we stay in business. This is passive marketing at its best, hoping that our efforts bear fruit. I’ve got a better way to market that actually captures sales IMMEDIATELY! And it through an unknown digital marketing channel. Through the power of payment processing. That's right!!

easy ePayments payment technology is at the cutting edge of technology that actually empowers your digital marketing! See how – but first lets run through the old barbaric way of payment processing.

The old school way of payment processing basically goes like this - I sell you something in the form of a product or service, and you pay with cash or card. That’s it. See you, good bye, I hope you come back. Pretty archaic. Good enough for a caveman but we aren’t in the dark ages any longer.

Of course to get customers coming back you can market to them with the passive marketing techniques as listed above. There’s one problem, you have no way of capturing an immediate sale. Your marketing isn’t being capitalized on. Literally!!!

Now see the difference with easy ePayments. Payments with marketing built in!


The best way to get in front of people is through their phones. It’s not rocket science. We carry our phones 100% of the time or close to 100%. You get my drift. This most effective way to get in front of your customer base and get repeat business. Send a text message with a special. One of the companies I buy from sends me specials once per week. I love it! I get 20% off and I return. Now combine your text message with the capability to pay, capturing sales immediately. Your customer doesn’t have to come into the spa or office to get the special. They just bought it!

Email Payments

Email is still a formidable way to market. We still use our lap tops, desk-tops, and oh guess what? Email is sent to our phones as well. With easy ePayments, you can easily send out a blast email special giving customers the opportunity to pay immediately. Once again, no one has to come to the office to get your great offering.

Hosted Payments Page

More than likely your website is just for informational purposes with no ecommerce capabilities. Once again, easy ePayments gives you the ability to add a beautiful payments page on your website. Now your customers can sign up for your great membership packages! Easy as 1…2…3

Recurring Payments

Wait, there’s more. Through our virtual terminal you’ll be able to accept payments over the phone, and you can set up recurring payments for customers that come to the office. So you can actively be selling your memberships or monthly package deals and establishing a payment option!

Oh it gets better!!!

Integrated ACH and Credit Card Processing

We also offer integrated ACH and Credit Card processing solutions that help you to save money. ACH is an old technology with a new flare. You can save money on processing fees by selecting ACH for recurring payments.

Convenience Fee Options - Card Terminals and Virtual Terminals

We offer credit card terminals that add convenience fees for you. Plus, our virtual terminal helps you to offset processing fees by enabling you the option to add a convenience fee for customers that pay with credit card or ACH

I think buy now, you see the difference! Easy ePayments platform truly empowers your business and helps you to grow!

So if you’d like to stop processing with cavemen and start capitalizing on your marketing, give us a call or shoot us an email. We’re ready to help you get to the next level.

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