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easy ePayments - A Virtual Terminal on Steriods!

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

Before we get into the capabilities of our virtual terminal, let's define what a virtual terminal is in general. A virtual terminal is cloud based payment software that enables you to accept payments anywhere, so long as you have an internet connection. Pretty straight forward. So what's all the hoopla with easy ePayments virtual terminal?

There are major differences in the robust features that come with our virtual terminal versus the competition. Let's go through them so you can compare to the virtual terminal you may already be using.

Please note, the first 3 features are designed to collaborate with your marketing efforts. Gain more sales and get customers returning more often.

1. Text Payments- easy ePayments virtual terminal comes with the ability to SMS text payments from the virtual terminal platform directly to your customers. This is a powerful marketing tool that enables you to text out specials to your customers giving them the option to pay for it on there mobile device. This capability dramatically increases the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

2. Payment Forms / Payment Page - Do you have a website that is designed for informational purposes? Health Care, Plastic Surgeons, Dentists, Medspa, CPAs, Insurance Agencies, are great candidates for this. While some virtual terminals offer similar capabilities, our payment forms allow you to customize the fields capturing information that is relevant to you. For instance, add fields for "patient" , "invoice", or "policy #", or whatever you like. The cool factor is that you can create different payment forms for different needs. You can add as many payment forms to your website so long as they are on different pages.

3. Email Payments - Email payments are great because you can send out blast email promotions to your existing client base. In the email will be a link that is generated, giving your customers the option to take advantage of your great promotion by paying for it.

4. Integrated eCheck and Credit Card processing - Most virtual terminals allow for eCheck processing, however you have to apply for it separately. For instance, you sign up for credit card processing from ABC Merchant Services Co, and they hook you up with Authorize net, if you want to use eCheck, you'll have to apply for it separately and 9 out of 10 times its from another company that offers eCheck processing. So now you'll get 2 statements from 2 different companies.

Not so with our integrated eCheck and credit card processing solution. You simply tell us from the start if you would like eCheck and we just add it on. You'll get one statement from once company, streamlining your payment options.

5. E-Invoicing - Most virtual terminals have this functionality. However with ueasy epayments virtual terminal, there is no extra fee for using this feature. Authorize net and other payment gateways that serve as a virtual terminal add an extra for e-invoicing.

6. Convenience Fee - The big buzz words in the payments industry is "cash discount" "convenience fee" and "surcharging". These words basically mean you pass the payment fees along to your customer helping you to offset costs. Unlike most of our competitors, our virtual terminal comes with this feature for you to use anytime you like.

7. Recurring Payments - Do you offer memberships or have customers that pay a fixed amount on a regular basis? If so, our virtual terminal can accommodate you. Simply select recurring payments and whaaalaaa. This helps to automate the payments process for you.

Of course, I'm bias in regards to our virtual terminal versus the competition. However, I'm biased for a good reason. easy ePayments virtual terminal is hands down the most versatile virtual terminal on the market. This is the only virtual terminal that enables you to pro-actively market your services through payments. At the end of the day your goal is to get sales - isn't it?

With this said we do sell other virtual terminals. Our goal is to offer you the best solution for your business. Once we find out what your needs are, we can guide you to the best fit. So give us a call or shoot us an email.

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