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Everyone's doing it, why not you?

It is my opinion that we are desensitized as a culture to getting whacked over the head with extra fees. When's the last time you looked at each and every line item on your cell phone bill or cable bill. You'll see surcharges for this and that, not fully knowing what these surcharges are for. I personally took matters in my own hands (to no avail) and called Verizon wireless asking what these fees were. To my dismay they couldn't answer. But yet I continue to use my cell phone. Verizon isn't the only culprit, whenever I pay my mortgage I get dinged with a fee for paying online. I see it extra fees all over- the gas station, paying utilities online, and even my taxes. There is no getting around the fact surcharges and convenience fee's are becoming a bigger part of everyday life. It's the cost of wanting to pay with plastic versus cash or check. It's that simple.

However, this raises the question- if everyone is doing it, should I? Well, this is purely up to you. There is no right or wrong answer. Let me ask you the question? Who pays for the high credit card processing fees associated to rewards cards designed by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and AMEX? You know the double cash back cards, the frequent flyer mile cards and the gazillion other rewards cards. YOU the merchant pays for it in the form of higher interchange rates charged by the card associations. Think about it this way - the transaction is the same for accepting a debit card, regular credit card, and a rewards card but yet you get charged differently because of the type of card. Is this really fair? You be the judge.

To empower your business and give the choice back to you, easy ePayments offers something called a Cash Discount Convenience Fee program which is legal in all 50 states and accepted by the card associations. If you choose, you can process credit cards for free by adhering to the card association rules by presenting a sign to your customers at check out.

Our cash discount credit card terminals are programmed to pass through costly credit card fee's to your customers. 9 out of 10 times if you sell smaller ticket items between $20 - $50, your customers won't complain. If they do, our terminals enable you to skip the convenience fee in which you would have to pay. We also have POS systems that come with this feature. Thus far convenience fee programs are the fastest growing segment in credit card processing.

To conclude, the decision is up to you. I just know for myself that I'm accustomed to paying a little extra for using my plastic. If it bothered me that much I would use cash or a check. To learn more, simply give us a call or shoot us an email.

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