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Free 3dcart ecommerce website!

easy ePayments has partnered with 3dCart to offer a best in class combination of payment processing and ecommerce platform. We chose to work with 3dCart for various reasons that we will outline. But first, to be transparent, we do get a kickback from 3dCart, but we are kicking back our kickback to you plus more! as in Free - more!

We chose to work with 3dCart because we believe they offer an easy to use, power packed ecommerce platform that helps you to easily sell and manage products. 3dCart enables you to kickstart your business quickly. It shouldn't take you but a few minutes to get your store up and running. Of course it'll take you longer if you have a bunch of products. You get my drift.

Our customers cover the spectrum from low risk to high risk industries. We found 3dCart "low risk" and "high risk" friendly. They allow higher risk industries such as Vape, CBD, Hemp and Supplement products to be sold on the platform with no added fee's. Some other ecommerce platforms offer this as well but may charge you an additional fee. 3dCart doesn't and we like this.

Some of the features that attracted us to 3dCart include:

  • Good Mix of free themes - Easily find designs and templates that fit your business.

  • Reponsive Design - This is important! Responsive design means that your website will automatically adjust to mobile, tablet, or pc. Giving your customers a great shopping experience regardless of what device they use.

  • Powerful SEO - We all know how important it is to get found on Google. 3dCart templates are preferred by Google and will help you to market your products.

  • Ease of Use - Most entrepreneurs aren't coders and programmers. With 3dCart you need 0 experience to get a nice website up and running.

  • Buy Buttons - I really like this feature. This enables you to take your products and sell them on other platforms spreading the reach of your website. You can add products to blogs and other platforms, so long as HTML is accepted. 3dcart generates a HTML code snippet that you can easily copy and paste. It's that easy!!

  • No added transaction fees - Some ecommerce platforms charge an extra fee for selling products, especially higher risk fees. Not so with 3dCart.

  • Built in CRM - CRM stands for customer relationship management and its an important part of marketing your products. 3dCart has a built in CRM tool that helps your website become a marketing machine.

  • Payment Processor Agnostic - 3dCart doesn't offer credit card processing. This is a good thing because it gives you option to select whomever you want, so long as they can integrate into 3dCart. Of course we seamlessly integrate into 3dCart.

  • Other Features - Of course there are many more features. The ones we listed are the core reasons why we partnered with 3dCart.

As mentioned in our title, we are offering you a free website for life with our integrated payment processing. We welcome many high risk businesses including supplements. Our rates are crazy competitive! I've seen supplement companies paying as high as 6% with all fees. With us, your rates will be at least half that. So try it for free. What do you have to lose? If you choose to sign up after the free trial, let us know as we will take care of the billing for you and set you up with great rates.

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