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Learn How To Save More Time and Money Utilizing ACH Payments

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

In this article I am going to briefly discuss "what is ACH?" and how easy ePayments can help yo u to save a lot of time and money by utilizing our ACH payment processing.

What is ACH?

ACH also known as Automated Clearing House, is a network that transfers electronic payments and automated money transfers. ACH transfers is a way to move money between banks, between businesses, and is a payment tool for employers to pay employees. There are many more uses for ACH that we’ll discuss in a minute.

For the most part ACH payments are initiated when a customer gives an originating institution which is generally a bank, corporation, or other financial institution, authorization to debit funds directly from the initiating customer’s checking or savings account for the purpose of paying bills. Thus making ACH transfers one of the most important financial methods used. It is the underlying financial network that directly impacts almost every single American. Most of us know ACH or Direct Deposit from being a recipient. We’ve all received direct deposits from employers, or tax refunds directly deposited into our accounts. These deposits are from the ACH network.

Accepting ACH payments is growing in popularity and becoming a key method in accepting payments for many US businesses for various reasons.

First, over the years technological and regulatory advances have helped the ACH network become more attractive for businesses. A few years back ACH transfers made electronically would clear and deposit within 5- 7 days. The norm now is 3-5 days with same day ACH being an option but less common.

Next ach payment transactions cost much less to process than credit cards. ACH payments costs vary depending on the provider. Fees can range from a Flat dollar amount to a %, but still cost the merchant a lot less than credit card processing fees.

Save Time and Money Using easy ePayments ACH Payment Processing

easy ePayments is at the forefront of ACH payment processing with super attractive features. Our payment platform enables businesses to streamline efficiencies using a single payment platform for both ACH and credit card processing. At the merchant’s disposal are payment tools within our payment platform such as recurring ach payments, ACH e-invoicing, and they can even receive ach payments via text. Our pricing is also extremely competitive with a flat fee pricing model with volume discounts.

By using recurring ach payments, merchants save time by automating the payment process. A recurring ach payment is created for clients that pay the same, fixed dollar amount on a regular basis. Such as a customer that may pay a consulting fee of $100 per month or $300 per quarter.

In addition, merchants can send electronic invoices to customers giving them the option to pay using ACH bank transfer or credit card.

The cherry on top is our capability to clear ACH deposits at breakneck speeds versus our competition. Our standard ACH deposits clear in 2 business days. For a little more, you can also get same day ACH deposits.

To learn more about our capabilities and how we can help you to grow your business shoot us an email or call. Contact us at

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