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Need Supplement and Nutraceutical Credit Card Processing

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Nutraceuticals and most muscle supplements are unregulated by the feds and are not generally supported by the FDA. Even though most of these products are legal, obtaining a merchant account can be daunting. Most big banks shy away from supporting these industries because of the outlandish claims, high chargeback rate, and adverse health risks associated linked to taking some of these products.

Unlike most merchant services companies, easy ePayments welcomes companies wanting to sell nutraceutical, dietary supplements, and muscle supplements. If you are planning on entering the nutraceutical and muscle supplements ecommerce industry, we do recommend that you follow a few simple tips.

First is your product mix. Make sure you do research and find products that are 100% legal to sell in the USA. You can easily Google your ingredients and do your own research. Also go to to find more information. Legit Script is another great resource. You can always contact us to help you as well.

After finding the perfect supplement to sell you’ll need to label and brand your products appropriately. When labeling do not make any outlandish claims that cannot be medically supported by your products. The rule of thumb is to keep it real. Your label will also need to include nutrition. Once again the best resource to make sure you’re compliant is to go to the FDA.

Part of your branding will include a website to market and sell your products. Make sure you find an ecommerce platform that supports your products. Easy ePayments can set you up with a 3dcart supplement ecommerce website. As a partner to 3dCart we seamlessly integrate with no hiccups. If you choose another shopping cart, just make sure they accept your product types and allow for processing. Although we are a partner to 3dCart, we can also integrate into 150+ shopping carts including Volusion, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Wordpress, and many more.

Easy ePayments is different from most processors in that we ride on the rails of a Fintech Bank. Fintech banks are much more tech savvy and are able to process for industries that the big banks shun. Our rates are extremely competitive and technology is much more advanced. If you’re in need of a nutraceutical and supplement merchant account give us a call or shoot us an email.

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