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Save 18x More Accepting Echeck Payments vs. Credit Cards

Save with Echeck Payment Processing
easy echeck payment processing will save you 18x more

An electronic check also known as echeck is a type of online payment that uses the Automated Clearing House network to transfer funds electronically. Echecks are composed of the same bank routing number and bank account number as found on the bottom of your paper check. This information is used to transfer funds into or out of your bank account depending on whether the transaction is a debit or credit.

The key benefits to accepting echeck payments with our All-In-One Payment platform

  1. Accept echeck payments on your website.

  2. Send electronic invoices that can be paid using echeck

  3. Accept echeck payments over the phone with our Virtual Terminal

  4. Send text messages that are capable to accept echeck payments

  5. Email link that accepts echeck

Our flexible payment options offer convenience to your customers while saving you a bunch of time and money.

What are the processing times for an echeck?

Our payment processing technology processes echecks almost as quickly as credit card transactions. You’ll receive deposits within 2 business days. You have the option of electing to have same day deposits before 12pm. Credit card transactions typically deposit next business day. As you can see the processing times are nearly as quick for a lot less money.

There are many unforeseen benefits to accepting echecks versus paper checks which include:

  1. Save on employee hourly wage making trips to the bank

  2. Save on employee hourly wage to handle check and enter into your system

  3. Dramatically cut down wait times for paper checks to be received

  4. No more late payments, easily set-up recurring payment feature to schedule echeck payments for the future ( weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly)

  5. Much faster to process and keep track of in our payment system

  6. Safer form of payment versus sending checks in the mail.

  7. Eco friendly

Our software safely rejects an invalid bank account saving you additional time and money, something a paper check can’t provide.

With the growth of ecommerce, more and more consumers are expecting the convenience of paying bills online. People are accustomed to paying utilities, mortgage, car payments, and many other bills online, so being able to accept echeck payments online is very beneficial for your business. Happy customers equal free advertising for you – Word of mouth appraisal is the best form of marketing.

E-Checks vs. Debit and Card Payments

When a debit or credit card transaction is authorized the issuing bank takes the risk and liability for securing funds for the transaction. Spending is curtailed by limits on a debit card and credit cards. It is expensive for the bank to counteract fraud and chargebacks. On the contrary the issuer/writer of echeck payments are responsible for the transaction. Transactions are restricted by the amount of available funds available in the bank account.

Echecks are the preferred method of payment acceptance by many businesses because echecks generally cost a flat fee versus a percentage like credit cards. As a result businesses that accept large transactions prefer the use of echecks. However, echeck transactions are not without risk. Just like regular paper checks, echecks can bounce if funds go none sufficient. In addition, the processing times take a little longer than debit cards and credit cards. The average deposit time for echecks is 3-4 days. Easy Epayments process echecks with lightning quick speed. Same day deposits are available with 2 day deposits the norm.

However, the benefits out way the drawbacks. On average online credit card transactions will cost you 3% - 3.5%. You’ll save roughly 18x adding echeck payments to your payment processing.

The math is simple.

A $300 online credit card transaction will cost you $9. Using our echeck payment processing will cost you .50 cents for the same transaction.

$9 divided by .50 = 18xs more savings or 1800% more savings per transaction.

Plus you’ll get quick processing times that are nearly as quick as credit card transactions.

Easy Epayments All-In-One payment platform comes echeck and credit card ready. Your business will be able to easily take advantage of the lower transaction costs for accepting echeck. Plus you’ll be able to run your business smoothly with robust features such as

  1. Customer Vault – Save customer payment information on AWS servers and not yours

  2. Advanced Fraud detection tools

  3. Flexible payment options

Our payment platform cater to professional services such as Accountants, Lawyers, Insurance Agents, Healthcare, Manufacturers and much more.

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