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Stripe ACH payments vs. easy ePayments ACH

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

This article will be short and sweet. easy ePayments offers integrated ACH and

credit card processing to small and medium sized businesses. Let's look at how it stacks up versus Stripe.


  • 1 platform for both ACH and credit card processing

  • Inexpensive to process ACH.

  • Flat fee pricing model. .50 cents per transaction and volume discounts

  • Accept ACH Payments Quicker. 1 to 2 day deposit times

  • Offset costs with convenience fee feature

  • ACH can be used for all modes of payments such as Email Payments, Text Payments, Virtual Terminal Accepting recurring ACH payments

  • Free ACH Bill Pay - Pay vendors and suppliers

  • API integration available


  • Boarding process is a little longer

  • Platform is easy to use but not as smooth

Stripe is a payments processor that offers both ACH and credit card processing in 1 platform. Lets look at the pros and cons in using stripe ACH payments.


  • 1 platform for both ACH and credit card processing

  • Easy to use platform

  • API integration


In closing easy ePayments payment platform is a lot less expensive to process ach echeck payments with much quicker processing times vs. Stripe ACH. Stripe definitely has the edge in terms of aesthetics. However, aesthetics do not put money in your pocket.

Do your own homework to see which platform best meets your needs. If you should have any questions regarding our capabilities, please shoot us an email or call.

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