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What are the different ways I can accept echeck payments online?

ACH echeck volume is increasing across all major sectors due to advancements in technology. Businesses of all types are increasingly utilizing echeck payments because of the low processing costs, quicker deposit times, and added acceptance options.

With an easy ePayment merchant account you'll be able to accept ACH payments online as well as credit cards. Use one of our convenient online options to enhance your payment processing efficiencies.

1. Accept echeck payments on your website or blog with our online payment form

2. Virtual Terminal - Our virtual terminal is cloud based enabling you to accept echeck payments anywhere at anytime. If you can connect to the internet you'll be able to accept payments.

3. Electronic Invoices- Simply send an electronic invoice to customers to collect

echeck payments

4. Email Templates - Our email templates allow you to send request for payment to one customer or your whole customer list.

5. Schedule future ACH payments on a regular basis with our recurring payments feature.

6. Text Payments - You can even send an SMS Text requesting ach payment through an attached payment form.

We give you more flexible options than any other payment platform. View more of our features and capabilities here.

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