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What is an Ach Echeck Payment Gateway?

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Payment gateways are essential for any business that need to take payments online. Without one you cannot process ach echeck payments or credit card payments. Think of a payment gateway as something similar to a physical credit card terminal that is used to swipe or insert credit cards. A payment gateway is a virtual credit card terminal. that allows your customers to input payment info. The payment gateway connects the acquiring bank, the merchant, the customer, the issuing card bank and the payment processor. The payment gateway allows for transactions to pass through or to be processed through a series of signals that happen within milliseconds.

In a snapshot, the payment processor plugs into the payment gateway. The merchant then utilizes the payment gateway to accept payments from their customer. Information is sent from the payment gateway to the acquiring bank in which a signal is sent to the processor to carry out the transaction.

Payment gateways can be designed to accept both ACH echeck payments, credit card payments or both.

easy ePayments payment gateway AKA payment platform enables merchants to accept ach echeck payments as well as credit cards. The payment gateway has many features to facilitate payments such as electronic invoicing, email payments, custom online payment form, virtual terminal, text payments, Accepting recurring ach payments and credit card payments.

You can easily accept payments online, over the phone, and in person. The unique blend of features as well as the capability to process both ACH echeck payments and credit card payments in one gateway is what separates us from the competition. This enables you to streamline payments and become for efficient. Plus everything is transacted under one roof.

Let's break down the differences to help you get a better handle on it.

easy ePayments serves as the Payment Gateway, the credit card processor and as well as the echeck payment processor. Everything is streamlined with 1 company.

Compare this to our competitors using Authorize net .

You would need to sign up a 3rd party gateway Authorize net , then you would need to get a separate credit card processor, then you would need to get another echeck payment processor. You will receive 2 separate statements, one for credit cards and one for ach echecks.

Now, do you see the difference. easy ePayments technology is a superior payment gateway designed for the services industry such as CPAs , lawyers, Insurance Agents, Medspa, healthcare, manufacturers and any other type of service industry that require a specialized payment gateway to process echecks and credit cards.

To learn more shoot us an email or give us a call. We are here to help you process payments efficiently.

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